One Category

  • If you have lots of products, you should enter them into product categories. Otherwise, please leave this field blank. You can add the product to one more category later Enter a title for your product, eg product name The description of your product here should be a short description that will be used on the product summary index pages, and also at the top of the product detail page. You will have an option to add more text and photos on the next page. Prices are in your currency, and should be a numeric number. If you have specified tax rates then all amounts should be exclusive of sales tax. If you prefer to work in tax inclusive prices, then do not enter any sales tax rates. If you have product codes, eg for accounting purposes, please enter them. Otherwise if your product has a supplier code, you may wish to use that. It is ok to leave this field blank. You will have the option to add photos, additional text, product options like size/colour, UOM, quantities, freight