How we work

We show you how to use social media tools to help promote and grow your results from having a web site - we use current best practise search engine optimisation to ensure your website gets found by search engines - and we provide you a best of breed content management system for you to edit and add to your website.

Broadly a web site can be for:

  1. a brochure site - being a "Branding Exercise" - building and reinforcing the "values" that your visitors attach to your brand.
  2. an interactive mechanism to cheaply distribute information - a "Reducing Cost Exercise" when comparing with other marketing media and an inexpensive way to get new potential customers into your sales funnel
  3. a revenue generator - "Increasing Your Income" - ecommerce - selling products / services in new geographical markets that you haven't been into before. Or perhaps we help you unlock "knowledge products" from within your business - what do you know that someone would pay to know...?
  4. a tribe builder - maintaining great contact with your existing raving fans & existing customers with password areas, special email offers and mechanisms to have a conversation with those people that you want to reach.

How much is a website...?

I don't believe in "package pricing" - while most websites look the same - they often differ in the time it takes to create a good one. We base all of our quotations on the length of time it takes us to help you get the content together, create what content you may not have (great photos and search engine friendly marketing speak), get our designers to create something that you love - and put it all together in a great professional website...

We charge $100 per hour excl GST and find that most websites can be completed in anything from 6 hours through to 25 hours - I'll let you do the math. We train you you to use the easy to use Content Management System and online and video help is available for it.

Why hire you when you're in Gisborne and I'm not...?

We often have customers that are geographically remote from us - just as our customers could be remote from their customers.

We commit to be “local” for you – wherever you are, we travel often to meet with our clients face to face when needed - as well as when we are in the area. We support you via email or skype / zoom and help for our content management tool has online help, a very active Facebook Group and a YouTube video channel.