Team Webfoot

Team Webfoot

Russell Holland

Team Leader, Visionary, Director & Internet-Evangelist

Now spends most of his day using a word processor or spreadsheet. Started WebFoot in 1995 and still works today. His background contains elements of the hospitality industry - where he learnt Customer Service and computers - where he learnt 4gl programming.

In a past life Russell managed a Corporate LAN based in Gisborne for Heinz Wattie New Zealand Ltd and wrote the "week daily best of the web in NZ" SODA - Site Of the Day Award for many years in the early days of the internet in New Zealand.

He has written articles for Netguide and several online news & views web sites.

He used to do public presentations for Chambers of Commerce, Business Development Boards, Economic Development Agencies and training sessions for clients.

Russell has held two photographic exhibitions and if there were more hours in the day would put his photos on-line for all to enjoy.

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Dianne Holland

Team Leader, Director

With a background in Biology, Dianne never expected to have financial oversight of a company such as E-C. However a latent interest in finance and accounting and a love of figures, have made her the natural choice for the role she now holds.

A natural tendency to be a "finisher" has also been invaluable in keeping Russell's ideas in line and making sure that I's are dotted and t's are crossed - before Russell flies off to the next "big thing"

Now doing great things in the Real Estate Industry in Gisborne.

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...we use other contractors around New Zealand for other services. We are dedicated to keeping up with the newest technologies, the newest methodologies and the current industry best practise...