Getting better results with the same traffic to your web site...

Getting better results with the same traffic to your web site...

Imagine getting more response from your web site - without actually increasing your traffic - tough call...? Let's talk about usability and clear calls to action on your web site.

Your customers have a lot of options on the web to choose from - if they arrive at your web site and don't find what they are looking for - then they've gone somewhere else...

You invest money to get people to get to know that you have a web site - so when they arrive and are disappointed research has shown that they seldom come back - unless you spend more money in attracting them back.

Getting visitors to act on your call to action increases the returns that you get from the web site.

This could be more sales of products, more enquiries about your products and services or it could be getting more people into your direct email database.

When a visitor arrives at your web site they do so through the use of one of three different mechanisms.

They may have done a search for a phrase using a search engine - and clicked on your web site in the search results, they may have followed a link from another web page - or they simply typed the domain name into their browser.

In each of these mechanisms the visitor arrives with a question - does your web site answer the questions that visitors arrive with...?

For web visitors that think your web site may have the answer - how easy is it for them to find what they are looking for - ?

Does your site have a sitemap and a search box and a navigation mechanism?

People like to interact with a web site in their own style - which may be different to yours - having multiple methods of finding the information they want is helping increase your bottom line.

Many of our customers don't actually sell products and transact the sale online - they sell "sales enquiries" that get passed to a human to then follow up and close the actual sale - does your web site make it easy to get the potential customer to give you enough information for you to contact them quickly and effortlessly.

Knowing the web site sells sales enquires rather than actually products changes what you say on the web site.

So the two main things that you can do to help your visitors:-

1) Make it easy for people to interact with you on your web site - give multiple methods to move through the website and find the answer to their question.

2) Make it clear what response you want your visitors to do - this could be as simple as making multiple fill-in forms on your web site - one for each of the products or services that you provide or it could be making it simple and easy to build a relationship with your visitors over time and multiple visits.

The toolset lets you have as many pages or fill-in forms as you need - let us know if you need some help in setting up new pages or new forms.

Also do some "comparative shopping" - enter your key search phrases into your favorite search engine and see what they are saying, how they say it and use these as your "peer review".

Be honest how does your web site measure up - your visitors will be judging you against the others they find on the web - we're also here to help use the contacts below to give the team at WebFoot a call...

Posted: Wed 01 Jan 2020