The One Thing You Can Do Now That Will Get Your Web Site Higher In Search Engines…


Getting ranked highly in search engines can be fraught with frustration – and can be difficult to achieve – especially if your competitors have a great ranking web site.

Not getting near the top of search engines is wasting the effort and expense of having a web site and not being near the top means missing out on potential sales…

Getting better results from your web site can mean getting more income into your business – either directly from sales or from retaining your existing customers better and minimising customer churn.

The single simplest thing you can do to improve your search engine result is to add content…

That’s it…

Simple – right…?

Oh – you’re still reading – you want more…?

Okay – one way that search engine rankings work is based on what’s called “key word weight” – that is the amount of times a search phrase occurs in your web page content.

So it follows that the more words on your web site that contain words that people may be searching for – increases the ability of your web site to be near the top of the search results.

So remember to use great search engine friendly words when you do create content.

Avoid things like “our services – blah blah blah” – and use instead “our Gisborne web design service – etc etc etc” English teachers dislike this practise but search engines will love you…

It is also about the search engines seeing your web site growing in usefulness to visitors over time. Google in particular will visit your web site more often when it can see that your content is growing consistently over time.

Or to put it another way – search engines stop coming to your web site as often if it isn’t updated – meaning new content takes awhile to even get found in search engines.

New content doesn’t have to be sourced just from your own mind – there is much that we as business people see in the course of our business day that you can use directly as content (with permission of course) or to use as inspiration to comment on.

Ideal content to add would be articles that relate to the benefits people receive when they purchase your goods or services.

Explain all the things people should know about how to get the very best our of using your products or services and add that to your web site in the form of articles.

Or start a blog on your web site and add frequent items on the wins that your customers are getting by dealing with you – post other items about issues that are affecting your industry – become a thought leader in your industry.

The E-C Toolset can be used to add content and there are no limits to the number of pages that you can have with the E-C Toolset.

We suggest when creating new content add headings down the page in a new word processing document, then flesh out each heading with more bullet points.

By making each bullet point into a sentence or even a paragraph you can build god solid search engine friendly content very quickly and easily.

Contact us if you you’d like help in using the toolset or if you’d like to talk about anything in this newsletter…

Posted: Wed 01 Jan 2020